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Welcome to Pepe Jones
The true story of Pepe Jones is a mystery, one that continues to be heavily debated by scholars and laymen alike.  Some say Pepe Jones was a fearless outlaw of the Old West, with frontier historians dating the myth of Pepe back to the famous Dia de las Pistolas of 1873.  Anthropologists disagree, claiming to have found muddy footprints and grainy video footage of Pepe in the town of Cave Creek, Arizona.  To others, Pepe Jones is a state of mind.  As one kindly hippie put it, "Pepe Jones is love, man.  Pepe Jones is love."

To us, Pepe Jones just means good grub.  A mix of modern twists and classic comfort food.  A celebration of Cali-Mexi-Americani-goodness.  We're sure you're going to love it!
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